The Transformers Are All Dead


I wish I had more time to devote to my photos.


Oh c'mon. That's for kids. Not adult collectors.

There will be a whole lot of that kinda of shit this summer.

Ah, don't get me wrong, I'm just super-cynical when I saw that thing. Runamuck and Runabout were for kids. The Throttlebots were for kids. Googly-eyed Optimus Prime, however, is the stuff of nightmares!


I just had to share him with someone the moment I saw that on Tformers... the great deluge of terrible theatrical tie-in merchandise has begun!

As for the Shockwave re-cover, I love it... somebody oughta go back through the more memorable TF-related artworks and recreate them in Binaltech / Classics form. *hint hint*

Ha ha ... good one JOP!

DL: Not me! I have a house to finish remodeling.

I'm lucky enough if I spent more than a minute posing something before taking a photo these days.

I hear you... it started out as something of a joke, but now I'm convinced that I need somewhere between eight to sixteen extra hours a day.

Someone wanna tell Superman to slow the Earth's rotation for us?

Although I do have a horrible feeling that might hypothetically increase the gravity... hmm, choices, choices...

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