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Ok. I've been busy with real life shit. But the back bedroom remodel is finished in under 25 days! Of course, those weren't consecutive days due to my bad back and the holidays, but it feels good to be done with yet another item on the list of shit to get done.

TF Moview Ratchet in Alt ModeKids... I gotta say... I am titzup in love with the alt mode for Film Ratchet (left). If the actul figure manages to have that much detail when I'm holding him in my hands he's a definite addition to the Attic of Love. I can't say I'm a fan of the yellow but that's just because I'm not into heavy yellow vehicles unless said vehicle is a certain Sam's Club exclusive figure.

On the whole, the movie figure alt modes rock. I can't wait to see the helicopter Blackout toy. Maybe that'll get leaked soon.

And yes, I also love the silly binoculars too. It'll make a great addition to the camera, gaming system, and digital phone bots. These are definitely my favorites so far from what has been leaked out.

You all read the rumors about Welker?

Personally, I've read the one script that was leaked and it matches up pretty much with the trailer and some of the images we've seen.

All I can say is I love Welker. I have since I was a kid. But it doesn't matter who does voices for Megatron in this film. It really doesn't matter.

Personally, as a joke, I think they should cast Leonard Nimoy.

2006_01_12_film_umagnus_alt.jpgAnyway, I've decided that the greatest redeco that Hasbro can ever do... (and if they don't I'll kitbash it)... is to repaint Film Protoform Optimus Prime as the generic Ultra Magnus repaint (right)!!! He'll look like a huge rocketing sperm!!!

How utterly fantastic is that!

No. Really! I mean it!

Oh. And Masterpiece Starscream still hasn't arrived from Captured Prey yet. He was in stock when I ordered him but the whole order was delayed because I put Autolooper on it.

I want both but damn, that was in November when I ordered.


Considering the "space rock modes" are thier "embryotic Earth Forms", the sperm joke seems wholey appropriate.


I think they already leaked the toy images (at least the prototype for said helicopter).

its after that atrocity Scorponok.

Overall, I am hating the movie toys, but even I gotta admit this Ratchet toy is fantastic. Looks like it's a decent-sized toy too (about the same scale as Armada Red Alert).

As for Welker, I have mixed feelings. I guess it would be a nice touch since Cullen is voicing Prime. But this movie Megatron is such a huge departure from the original G1 version, that I would almost prefer a new voice. Really, I'm a little puzzled at all the people who deride the old-school traditionalists as "geewunners" but then have a joygasm over the original voice actors signing on.

Really trying to be open-minded here...

well for the most part I agree about the toys.. I like about 75% of them I REALLY like Jazz, Ironhide, and Ratchet.

As for Welker voicing Megatron... Eh... Im sorry but Welker fit the voice of G1 Megatron perfectly with that "war-weathered" older bot sound. But I just cant see that voice coming from that amalgamated mess in the movie. Not unless he plan to go a whole other route and with some serious synthesizers going on.

Hell yeah I would buy a flaming alien robot sperm rocket. Talk about army building. I demand a diorama at BC'07 with multiple movie magnus protoforms rocketing towards Primus.

Steve: Oh my god!!! You've taken it up to 11! Primus is total ovum material!!! We should collaborate on a custom entry!!!

I love Ratchet and Jazz!! Prototype pics of Jazz were recently released this weekend!! Definitely gonna pick up these two - not sure about the others. And a definite NO WAY on the protoform Prime & Starscream.

Finally found those darned Classic mini-cons wave 1, but still hunting for the 6' Titanium Rodimus!!

I still haven't found a 6" Soundwave yet.

Nala: sorry to hear you still don't have Titanium Soundwave ... I've only ever seen it once.

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