I wonder if I could market cosplay pr0n?


OK. I've got to come out about something here.

Something very important.

I understand cosplay about as much as I understand furversion.

Now I can kind of understand the minor underlying geekness of it more than the furversion thing. Having been around the block a few times has exposed me to oh too many parts of geek culture.

Anyway, I was shocked today to see a Fark Photoshop contest that on closer inspection actually is creepily TF related.

There's been a cosplay pic going around for years of a very fat guy dressed in a cardboard Optimus costume and today, I've experieced that same guy dressed as Masterforce Giga, Star Saber, and Masterforce Metalhawk.

Those are pretty obscure to non-TF geeks and man, Giga is extremely obscure.

And cosplaying as the TARDIS is very... oh... I really don't know what it is.

However, in all of today's exposure to cosplay I did come across the most awesome cosplay I've ever seen. And it is totally appropriate too!

I give you... Roy Fokker's Veritech fighter!


I understand cosplay int he sense that you get a lot of cute geek chicks in skimpy outfits.

Anyway, When people start cosplaying as say, Transformers, I start to not get it. Mostly because wearing a cardboard suit of armor has got to be excessively hard to move in.

Transformer cosplay is wearing cardboard? Have you seen what some of cosplay TF fans have been coming up with? Have you seen Jace Moore's Starscream?

Link: http://www.cosplaylab.com/cosplayers/costumes/details.asp?costumeid=50081
Theres also a really awsome Soundwave on Deviant art I just hant remember her handle.. gah

Either you get cosplay or you don't really. I was a mascot in high school and a costume character at Six Flags for 5 years after that. I've wanted to cosplay myself but lack the money to make a costume I'd be proud to wear. I think its something built in to a person who like to dress up. You find yourself a shy person outside but inside a costume you feel more like a character able to maybe so the things you would never think about doing if you were just you. I'm sure this post is probly too wierd I dunno. I'm just being honest about my experances.

I've meet this guy at the last botcon I went too. The last 3h Botcon in La (I think it was 2005). He definately is an odd guy and I'm a firm believer in if you don't fit the part you shouldn't play it. I would assume he isnt a very rich man when I met him. He seems to do it because he enjoys it. Lord knows he not gonna win any cosplay contest with his stuff, but he does it anyway.

It's a Halloween for geeks hehe

Would you be talking about him?

I love cosplay... but that is ugly. I personaly don't dress up but I love taking pics of girls in cosplay.

So it is basically just another form of fetish.

i've been suggesting to my wife for us to cosplay as blacharachnia and cheetor.

My comment is not really cosplay related, but more on Nala's note about Roy's Veritech fighter.

Nala: Have you seen the Yamato 1/48 scale Macross VF-01 transformable toys? Man they are SWEET! Expensive as heck, but a great toy. If you don't own one, I suggest you pick one up!

Apologies that this comment is not directly TF related.

I never ment to insinuate that its a fetish no. Sorry.

It's kinda like how some people are on the net. I've seen many a people who are completely differant on the net then off. They feel more confortable expressing themself anon. Besides If you were that guy (all jokes aside) wouldn't you like to be someone else once in a while?

No I didnt mean the guy who did screamer at botcon 06 the Starscream costume I linked was done at A-con I wanna say 2 or 3 years ago. But the Soundwave I mentioned Was at the Botcon you went to a believe.

Found it! Let's see if i can type this right lol

DL: I'm a huge Robotech fan but I refuse to get into collecting any other toy line. I just don't need any more crap.

They are cool though.

I agree with everything lilfrenzy said, and believe it or not, I am shy when I am in public (I post around the net with the username kirbydude or kirbydude35), and in fact, I actually would feel less shy if I were dressed up in a costume if its not a stupid one. I often toy around with the thought that someday I'll start cosplaying and I'll be at a con, and one of my friends will also be there, but not cosplaying, and he'll walk right up and get a photo with me, and never realize it was me until I talk to him afterwards. I mean, I don't feel shy cause I know that no one will recognize me unless I tell them who I am afterwards, so no one can really label me as a geek who pretends to be characters from stupid video games and tv shows, etc. See what I'm getting at? Oh, and can anyone help me? I really want to get started with cosplay but I don't know what to do.

I would assume cosplay.com would be your best bet.

I have no idea otherwise.

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