You will be mine! Oh yes! You will be mine!



Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec.

Did you read me?

Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec.

Alas, only Dalek Sec survived the 2006 Dalek/Cyberman battle of London.

He's smart like that.

And, based on the teasers at the end of the "The Runaway Bride" Sec will be back in Series 3!

Yes. I'm moist.


To be fair, Dalek Sec is the only one we saw survive the Battle of Canary Wharf. For all we know, the other three were also able to transport off-camera.

I assume we'll find out more when Dalek Sec re-appears this season. But even if we don't, the writers can always come up with another idea....

There will always be Daleks.

And hopefully, we'll also see the other renegade Time Lords one day too.

I thought it was Dalek Thay that survived. Oops.


Now all we need is a plush Sec.

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