In which vaginas are electrified.


KISS Player Autolooper exterior packaging (w/ Kremzeek)

AlligatorHotrod from Flickr noticed something about the Autorooper/Atari packaging that I never noticed when I took the photo.

Atari has Kremzeek coming out of her crotch!!!

Her crotch!!!

KISS Player gets weirder and weirder and weirder...

It brings a whole new meaning to Bubba The Love Sponge's "Shock The Puss" bits.

And no, I'm going to try and not think that Atari has drops of semen coming from her face on the package or figure.


Now I feel dirty.


So, anyone attempting to give Atari the shocker will get a shock of their own. . . and who knows what's hiding in her butt?

And the Kremzeek episode still weirds me out. . . he tried to kill them all, and at the end they're all "he's so cute. . . " That's messed up logic, if you ask me.

Um... like alien robots that turn into cars and other earth things isn't mess up?

The whole KISS players series is whacked ... though I'd love to get me a KISS Hot Rod/Rodimus one day. I just can't justify buying it on my budget now, since I already own the alternators Mirage.

No, alien robots that turn into cars and other earth things is AWESOME.

Calling a genocidal lifeform cute is weird. It's like a bunch of scientists standing around a sentient version of the Ebola virus and saying "Look! He just wants to play!"

Are Kreemzeeks worse than crabs?

Lol its just a cheeper electrolysis session

The things us girls do to remain hairless lol

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