Torchwood is... definitely not coming to the US


So I've managed to see the first and second episodes of Torchwood and all I can say is that I just can't see any channel in the US picking this up.

The first episode was great but just "too British" and the second episode involves aliens who feed off of orgasms!

Yes. Orgasms!

There's exploding sex. There's lesbians suck face action. There's gay innuendo. Naked men. And off course there's Welsh accents!

Totally not coming to US television!!!

But I really am falling in love with this after only 2 episodes.

I forgot how much I love the term "snogging". It is one of the best words ever.

And I also get to watch the premiere of Sarah Jane Adventures too!


I was always a fan of the Tom Baker years ... classic gothic horror with cheesy low-budget FX.

"There's lesbians suck face action. There's gay innuendo. Naked men. And off course there's Welsh accents!"

If you thought there was a lot of that already, just you wait. There is much much more later in the season. ;)


You never know, Sci-Fi Channel picksup some rather odd and often raunchy shows. Just look at Lexx.

I dunno, I like the idea of a Sci-Fi Channel, but they've done a lot to let me down over the years... and sure they picked up Lexx (woo! awesome show) but didn't they also turn down initially showing Doctor Who, not to mention becoming entangled in some sort of B5 debacle?

More pertinently; Nala, as we are geographically colocated, how pray tell are you getting to see Torchwood? ^_^ (I sense Internet impropriety; irregardless, I want in. ^_^)

As an addendum to my earlier post, my daughter now demands regular Doctor Who viewings - it must be the 50% British genes, or something.

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