So close... yet so far away...


So close... yet so far away...

The Holiest of Holy Grails is less than 1/2 a mile away at a post office.

So close I can almost feel it.


February 1 will be a day that lives in plastic crack infamy.


I think that postal form is missing a category:

___ letter

___ large envelope

___ parcel

___ restricted delivery

___ perishable item

___ other

_X_ holy grail

I think I've finally worked it out...

It's a mint on card original G1 Bumblebee isn't it?



I have Classics Bumblebee. I don't ever need another kind of Bumblebee.

Classics Bumblebee might be the greatest iteration of that particular character. But I am also partial to the Takara reissue with new head sculpt. It's a nice little figure. Too bad you can only get it with the Minibots reissue set, which goes for $60+ nowadays.

I love my Classics Bumblebee, and my Hot Rod too...

Hmmmm *Gives them both a big hug...*


I have the classics and the shiny G2, and yeah, that's all the Bumblebee I need. If I'm really clamoring for the non-shiny one I'll just pick up one of the keychains.

Classics Bumblebee rocks!!

Ok Nala, some guesses as to what the item is:
1. G1 Constructicon Set MIB?
2. G1 Jetfire MIB?
3. G1 Shockwave MIB?

or could it be:
4. Japanese Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy?


I'm not a big G1 guy so no.

And you'll just have to see later this afternoon when I pick it up from the post office! :-)

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