Did my asshole just fall out!?!?!


Holy Fucking Shit!!!

There are customs and kitbashes.

And then there's incredibly AWESOME customs and kitbashes!


there's a link to that on the seibertron.com forums. it also includes bitching.

But of course!

That's probably one of the most amazing fully functional custom/kitbashes of a Transformer ever.

People have to bitch about it having flaws.

Hell, if Jesus and Siddartha Guatama got together and collaborated on a TF custom people would bitch about that one too.

This guy's custom G1 Metroplex is going to be the bomb too. Look at the size of it!!!

as BAR-1 said to my idea of a metroplex that big, "that's just too close to cosplay".

And this is why I need a rich boyfriend to supply my customs habit. Im at 42 custom alternators right now and still growing. lol

jeremy lee: I don't think so. It is the closest manageable to-scale kind of custom one could do. I always hated the fact that Metroplexe and Fortress Maximus toys could not be made so big since that would have been insane.

woozy: You need to get some pics online of all that.

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