Of course they will. Duh!


So. I was cleaning a shelf and thinking last night about the future plastic crack deluge that will hit around June.

Based on the current crop of figures that have been released we can extrapolate there there aren't quite enough for your typical Transformers line.

I can see Hasbro padding the line heavily with different sized versions of exactly the same characters based on the 3" versions of the Prime and Clitoral Stimulator Megatron and maybe a few more down the line.

The question I pose to you all: Do you think that Hasbro will do the lame and overly done redecoing of the same molds for the movie line?

It will be stretching it big time to do this since the story is finite so having a logical explanation why there's a "Galvatron" repainted from Megs and a "Ultra Magnus/Nemesis Prime" from Prime will really be pushing.

Of course, that hasn't stopped Hasbro before.

When the rare repaint has been done, Takara typically has provided the best ones in my opinion.

Hell, they even justified many of the various exclusive Car Robots figures from moments in the animation when they powered-up or were effected by energy.


Your picks of pointless Hasbro repaints of the movie line from figures seen so far?


I kind of hope they make movie versions of non movie characters. The last several lines were severely limited to characters from the show only. The Beast era was awesome for non show characters. They had a total cast of like 20 or so characters in Beast Wars but probably had a hundred different toys (probably stretching it).

Clitoral Stimulator Megatron. can you say custom card back? much lulz!

Well, every time I see this image I think of a female orgasm stimulator device that I've seen in a sex shop.

Well, that and this guy.

good lord, i hope they dont bother , bad enough those abominations will be clogging the store shelves for months to come

Yeah, I agree - there will likely be repaints to this new TF movie line. But I'm more cynical and I think that Hasbro will try and re-use old molds from previous TF lines and try to resell them as "new" to the kids. For example, re-issuing Armada Optimus Prime as a "new, alternate version" of movie Prime.

** rolls eyes **

Well, at least I can save the money this summer and use it to try and buy more G1 TF reissues that I am missing!

And just think a year and a half from now we'll get to see Fun Publications convention exclusive recolors of these for Botcon! whoo hoo!

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