What's old can be new again.


So I managed to get some old TF-related content from naladahc.com merged into plasticcrack.com this weekend. It is all under the old content category.

Some highlights include:

The post that would eventually lead me to separating my plastic crack content from naladahc.com into this site you are now reading.

However, I originally envisioned something more along the lines of a trading site that would be named "Rough Trades".

Funny how that never amounted to much.


Plastic Crack in other languages.


Me having only 746 figures.

November 11, 2004 when I hit 800.

The arrival of the rare Energon Ultra Magnus from Australia.

That insane Beast Wars lot I bought.

The awesomeness of Stampy.

1100 being hit

Even the 1300 mark.

The awesomeness of what SNATCH would have been had I developed that. SNATCH being "Stupid Names of American Transformers Created by Hasbro".

The surprising fact that Frowny McBeard has been around these lame ass websites for many years now and I've never met him in real life.


All kinds of insanity there. Hopefully I can find all of the crack entries from earlier databases that I purged and get those here.

And man, I really used to order from Big Bad Toy Store a lot in years past. I can't remember the last time I ordered from them.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing many links referring to the old galleries I kept at naladahc.com that don't work, especially where going to OTFCC and Botcon 2005 are concerned. I need to find where all that data is and get it moved over.


Man, I remember when I was around 300 and I wrote you just because I was so impressed you managed to hit 750 or so. And now, I'm just shy of 500, and you . . . have. . . so. . . many. . .

Man, I feel like an underachiever. But I too know the joys of owning a Stampy. End his lonliness! Get Heinlad and Longrack! You know you want to.

Oooh, and Magmatron, because he's just so wrong in combined beast mode.

Is magmatron the one who's ... ahem ... receiving a package at the back door?

My lunch break ended 3 minutes ago so I'll have to actually read some of it later. Skimming looks kind of entertaining though.

Two, if you think the Pterosaur is doing what I think the Pterosaur is doing.


Hey, I just noticed it's been over a year since TFU.info updated. What gives?

RJ: There's very little entertainment here. I mean, unless you call my typical pointless posts entertainment.

FM: Yeah. Kinda sad. I used to use that site quite a bit but for anything within the past few years it is worthless.

If I had time, and assistance from some others, I'd gladly take his content and modernize the database and layout and host it. I'd need help with updating the material since I don't get everything.

This post has encouraged me to keep track of my collection. I have absolutely no idea how many Transformers I own at this point.

Nala, just out of interest but how do you count your Transformers ?

Do you count combiners as one figure or as its individual parts ?

Do you count Armada figures with their Minicons as one figure or as two ?

And do you count bootlegs and stuff like Myclone and MegaSCF ?

Great post Nala - thanks for guiding us newbie readers down 'plastic crack' memory lane.

I too, have been inspired and intend to do an inventory of the TFs I have sometime soon. I only started collecting last summer (not counting when I was a kid) and I think I have slightly over the 100 mark.

I'm such an amateur ... LOL!

Good question Bruticus.

I count combiners as individual figures. I do not count the combined form. (This would also wreck havoc with a count of powerlinking Energon autobots.)

Basically, if they have a separate name, and have been treated separately in the comics/anime as characters they probably have their own entry. (G1 Metroplex is actually 4 figures since there are four uniquely named bots, 3 of which have had anime appearances where they talk as individuals. However, I don't count Roller as a figure.)

Since I count Micromasters as individuals I have to count the minicons as individuals. The only one I didn't count was the "head" to the Energon Omega Supremen/Sentinels since that really is just a gimmick there.

I do not count knock-offs, though I do consider them as placeholders for the eventual figure if I have them.

I do count the PVCs and the MegaPVCs but not anything that is one of the deformed ones like the MyClones.

The PVCs are a vital active part of what I'm trying to collect and track down and all I have left are a few of the extremely rare chase figures. The PVCs are some of my most favorite parts of the collection and since I count Actionmasters I saw no reason not to count the PVCs.

DL: No! 100 is a healthy number.

Thanks for that Nala cos i've read various ways in which people count their collections, some count bootlegs and PVC's and some don't..

Well following that formula it figures i've got 196 Transformers in my collection, not counting the bootlegs of course...

Now that Nala has shared his TF counting methodology ... I have to do a TF inventory soon.

Thanks to all you TF 'collecting professionals' out there - you make me feel less guilty about my 'relatively small' collection. LOL.

If by "relatively small" you mean "less pathological", I agree completely.

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