Sarah Jane sans The Doctor

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So I caught the premiere episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures last night.

Yeah. It is aimed at a teen audience for the most part, but on the whole, I kind of liked it.

Definitely more light-hearted than Doctor Who and a helluva lot different from Torchwood.

The K-9 appearance is pretty lame. They make up a lame excuse that he's off sealing off some black hole or some shit for a year and only can contact Sarah Jane every few months. Pretty lame.

He won't be on the regular series and I definitely think that's a crime. Just because he's getting his own totally unrelated cartoon series shouldn't mean he can't appear here as her companion.

I definitely think I'll give this a chance.

Oh. And she's got a Sonic Lipstick instead of a Sonic Screwdriver! Kick ass!

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