But will it be any good?


Doctor Who animated

So we'll be getting a Doctor Who animated series soon.

Well. At least the UK-world will be getting it.

It'll be another in a long line of things the US probably will not see coming from the UK.

I'm hoping they use the medium of animation to the fullest here.

There's so much you can do in animation on the cheap that you can't do in live action.

What's really cool about this is David Tenant and Freema Agyeman will be doing the voices of The Doctor and Martha so it will at least feel like it is a part of the continuity.

Perhaps this is the medium that will allow for the 10th Doctor to meet other Doctors from the past.

Yes. I do like that occasional cliche, But I really only want to see it happen if it is the 1st Doctor meeting the 10th incarnation. WITH SUSAN!

I want Susan validated as a Time Lord.

And an animated story could make that happen


i started reading your blog because of transformers obviously. do you know how much the doctor who dvds cost?! thanks for starting another addiction for me.

Yeah. What started out as splitting out the Transformers content of naladahc.com has kinda of resulted in "Plastic Crack - A Transformers Blog - And A Bunch Of Nala's Other Geek Shit".

I think we paid in the $60-$70 range for Series 1 and Series 2 would probably run the same.

Barnes and nobles has a two for one deal on DVD tv seires till Jan 31 . IF you can find a dr who set or two it would be worth it to get at that price .

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