I just got an email from Captured Prey that my Masterpiece Starscream and my KISS Player Autolooper have shipped!!!

I ordered these guys in November!


I was almost ready to cancel the damn thing.

I have spent so much frigg'n money this month on plastic crack this month that I honestly can't believe I'm not in my usual guilt fest over it.

And I'm so hoping my special item arrives tomorrow. I've been waiting too long for it.

Perhaps then the guilt will start setting in.


Masterpiece Starscream is on my "to buy" list ... I actually dig the energon color scheme. Please post pics when you can!

*Strokes own MP Starscream lovingly...*


I'm still holding out for an anime-colour version. I don't hate the Seafoam, but if I've learned anything about Takara, it's that their dedication to quality is mirrored by a dark desire to double-dip the collectors constantly. >_

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