Nala's Super Simple Retarded Review of the New Classics Minicons


Ok. I got around to snapping some quick shots of the new wave minicons in bot mode.

Overall, I can't say I'm a huge fan of minicons.

Give me Micromasters any day over these guys.

And believe me. I'm not a G1 guy at all.

(Lotsa big ass photos in this one kids.)

Dirt Digger Team

Minicon Grindor (bot mode)

Grindor makes my panties moist in many ways. Buy him. Love him.

His transformation is top-notch and totally different that most. That's a definitely plus for so small a bot.

Minicon Dirt Rocket (bot mode)

I really love Dirt Rocket's alt mode but his bot mode is just weak. It took me a long time to finally be able to get him to stand for this photo. It didn't matter if his "feet" were properly transformers or not.

Minicon Oil Slick (bot mode)

I love Oil Slick. But damn, those "legs" just are a pain in the ass to get configured so he'll stand.

Predator Attack Team

Minicon Overbite (bot mode)

Overbite has a great name. He also happens to be pretty decent in bot mode, with a simple transformation sorta-kinda like the general one of Transmetal 2 Cheetor a bit.

Excellent color scheme for him too.

Minicon Snarl (bot mode)

I love Snarl's orange cat motif, but man, the "animal head on shoulder, animal ass on other shoulder" syndrome strikes.

Minicon Dreadwing (bot mode)

Dreadwing's bot mode surprised me. I actually kind of like it. The eagle talons becoming the bot hands work.

Clear Skies Team

Minicon Steel Wind (bot mode)

Steel Wind isn't bad. His "feet" are kind of crappy but on the whole, he's ok.

Minicon Nightscream (bot mode)

Nightscream is lame. He suffers from "animal head on shoulder, animal ass on other shoulder" syndrom common with a lot of Beast Wars-era figures.

I can't get into him.

Oh. And I apparently forgot to photograph Thunderwing even though I know I transformed him for a photo.


Overall, you can't know small figures when they come down to about $2 a pop.

While I may not like their bot modes, almost every single one of these new minicons has got fantastic alt modes.

And that's definitely ok with this loser.


Holy frack! You got all the Classic wave 2 minicons, Ramjet, Cliffjumper, AND the magnus/skywarp 2-pack already?!?

I am soooooo jealous!!!

It was an insanely cracky weekend.

Actually, Evebird found me the UM/Skywarp 2-pack earlier in the week.

I didn't find a single one at any Target.

At only a tender three years of age, my daughter could quite possibly become a stone-cold killer if it meant for one moment that she could get her hands on Overbite. He is, in her world at least, apparently greater than pure sugar and only just slightly below Bumblebee.

I found turning Dirt Rocket's legs round the other way helped, for some reason. Don't know why. Also don't know why a dragon got put in with two jets.

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