Starscreen! That's the ticket!


Ya know, movie Starscream isn't that bad of a toy.

He's just... not Starscream.

Toywise he's pretty cool. I'm impressed.

So... I think I'll call him... Machine Wars Starscreen.

It'll make it easier to buy him.


Oh. And this is the most worthless repaint ever.

The more I look at the Energon combiners the more I realize I was stupid for ever combining them.

They really were a poor attempt to give the line a gestalt in my opinion.

And the Constructicon Maximus molds look the ugliest to me.

So. I suppose I am a hater here on these guys.

Anyone want a Japanese TRU Exclusive Buildron set for $40 + shipping?


I'm inclined to agree about most of th emovie toys. They are decent but just not necesarily as the characters they are meant to represent.

As for Energon combiners. The individual odes are pretty spiffy but the combined modes tend to be weak. I like Constructicon Maximus if only because he's the most sable and proportioned of the combined modes. The Aerialbots one is horribly unstable.

I'll be passing on the repaint though. The minor color changes aren't a huge difference.

While I wasn't impressed with the fact that the Energon combiners only used 3 molds per team (and thus duplicating 2 of 'em as repaints - meh), I thought some of them were ok.

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