The Attic of Love is a serious matter...

The Attic of Love™ Circa February 2005The Attic of Love™, the third floor of the fabled Cowtown House of Love™, contains the sick and twisted mess that is Nala's Transformers collection.

From about 10 Transformers in 2001 to over 1738 in late 2006, the collection is truly an embarrassment for a male of Nala's age.

Alas, it could be worse. Nala could be a drunken heroin addict alcholic with a penchant for domestic violence or something like that.

Flickr Gallery: Recent Additions

Flickr Gallery: The Attic of Love™ circa February 2006

The Attic of Love™ Circa February 2005Flikr Gallery: The Attic of Love™ circa February 2005

Unfortunately, real life matters have resulted in the Attic devolving into a rather messy state of things and certain cats have also walked through and messed up the carefully developed Micromaster display.

Nala trys to keep his collection lists up to date:

And he's always willing to think about selling plastic crack.


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