Because I had to do it.


Ok. I just can't do it.

I've tried putzing around the forums of TF message boards and I just cannot find any reason to regularly contribute to most of those places.

I like to see what's going on around convention times. I like sharing the bad craziness of my own personal TF-collecting addiction and lameness. Hell, I don't even mind the occasional real-life conversation about toys and other assorted geeking.

But truthfully, I need to steer clear of reading online forums and such.

Instead of taking this stuff for the silly little reality it is people go all apeshit over the most retarded of things as if their ability to survive rests on Hasbro and Takara and a product line they dole out to make money off on.

And to make sure I never forget that this is just a silly little hobby and not a "lifestyle" I've registered to point here.

Because no matter how insanely sociopathically sick one is about this "thing" called Transformers one has to remember that "they're just fucking toys".

Harse language but on this topic... it really hits it home for me!

And hopefully, many people in fandom will remember that "itsjustafuckingmovie" when the time comes.

May you never forget this important little thing as well.


yeah I totally agree... I peruse the various forums but I rarely seem to have anything to contrbute.

Its funny that I am a self-proclaimed "child at heart" and "big kid" but I guess my maturity/intelligence level doesnt fall so far as to take my "toy collecting" as seriously as some of the posts I read.

Youve said it best. They are JUST fucking toys. Its a hobby... a fun little thing... not your life. Christ!

noone ever replies to me on seibertron so i gave up. if you're not part of the old group then you don't matter.

Some of the forums are cool, i.e. Allspark. And some of them are... well, it's somewhat sad to be associated with these 'fans'. Especially the more bat-crazy ones, or the old guard. ("Hahaha! You feel the movie designs don't look to good? Haha! You should have been here during Beast Wars!")

Let's not even get started on the Don Murphey / Seibertron flamewar...

I'm finding TFW2005 more readable but I think I'll refrain from posting or commenting on any of them until around Botcon time again.

I'm completely unaware of the Don Murphy/Seibertron war so I suppose that can be put into the "good" column.

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