Molded smiles = Love

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Bear and Classics Bumblebee... they just want to be loved!

Palisade's "Bear" from the Harvey Birdman Adult Swim show and Bumblebee from the Transformers Classics line just have that something special that makes you want to hold them and stare at them.

I think it is the smiles!

Each has this warm smile molded in stunning plastic that makes you just want to own them!!!

Ya know, I think I'd go for a set of more "cartoony" PVCs of Beast Wars characters in their alt modes.

That's the kind of TF paraphanelia that I could dig.

(More on Bear here. Unfortunately, Palisades is no longer in business.)

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And leave us not forget of the "adjustable" grin of the ever omnipotent MP-3 Starsceream

Mush love there! \(^o^)/

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