BG in 11


Eleven hours until Battlestar Galactica.


That's all I gotta say.

However, I think Max Power should have an impromptu "Frak Party" tonight.

Oh. And you get moister by watching all of the 10 webisodes prior to 9pm!


Eleven Hours until the return of the Adamastache! (And the Adamafatsuit!)

I never got into BG, but I might give it a try tonight.

Frowny: I can't say I'm a fan of the Adamastache. Then again I don't like staches in general.

Spectroscott: Well... you'll be coming in on season 3. It may be hard to figure out what's going on but all I can say is that it is one of the best written dramatic series on television. And it has frigg'n ROBOTS!!!

It makes him less Stand and Deliver and more Blade Runner. A less fatherly, more kickass Adama. And my screen name should settle my stance in the facial hair/no facial hair debate.

Spectroscott: It'd be almost like watching Wednesday's LOST. With no context you'd probably thing they're talking in swahili.

oh frak it all... did i miss Lost? *sigh* now i'll be even more lost.

Frowny: Free yourself of the beard! I'm liberated from the goatee now... you too can be free!

Giga: I think they have it on like they did last season. I enjoyed it.

Nala: It has a life of its own and I'm not sure I want to kill it just yet.

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