Classics Optimus Prime


Classics Optimus Prime

The latest version of Optimus Prime rocks! He truly is a beautiful mold with a great transformation.

He's simple yet modern without the insanity of say a Galaxy Convoy or Car Robots Super Fire Convoy.

He's good. He's balls awesome!

Oh... and obviously he's now mine!

Classics Optimus Prime is the 1738th Transformer that I've ever purchased.


He's great, miss the trailer though.

That's a Prime trademark, he's only half a robot without his trailer. A cool "roller" homage would have been nice.

Yeah. It would have been cool if the second gun that forms the "top" of the truck had become a rolling drone or something.

Oh well. I'm not complaining though.

He is love.

But... *drumroll*...

I want to see what I can do to make him into Super God Ginrai!!!

Hehe I like how you can actually treat him like a toy, I rolled him to the edge of my desk and my co worker freaked out trying to catch him in time (but missed) and it was of course just fine. I am not sure if I would so the same with any of the alternators.

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