I want Steel Jaw!


Holy shit!

This custom Galaxy Force Broadcast and Steel Jaw rocks!

Steel Jaw is brilliant!!!


Blaster's robot mode doesnt do much for me, but the alt mode looks good.

That Steeljaw is awesome, totally awesome.

Man the Steeljaw is awesome. I'm honestly not a big fan of Cybertron Soundwave though. The legs are too... skinny.

Yeah. Soundwave is pretty weak as a whole.

But Steel Jaw makes up for hit here for me!

who made it and where can i get one

That Freestyle bloke at work again, eh?

The Steeljaw is beautiful; great piece of engineering. If there is just one fan-made project that deserves to be turn into an official toy, it's that, right there.

I would TOTALLY pay good money to see that custom become the prototype for "Classics Blaster". Maybe have Freestyle throw in a Ramhorn too?

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