I'm forced to be with the toys this weekend.


So a contractor is going to have to cut out part of the wall in the Attic of The Damned™ (more here) to deal with a possible water leak.

That means I'm going to have to spend quality time up in the Attic rearranging toys this weekend.

I have to move the Cybertron shelf and the entire TF Universe area and possibly the Robot Masters shelves.

I should put the entire TF Universe stuff up on Ebay as one huge complete lot. I'm thinking that I have all but 1 figure maybe there. I need to verify that.

Anyway, it'll be an unplanned cracky weekend.

Thank god I got the concrete work done and curing in the basement.


man you must really love that house to be putting in this kind of chain gang work on that basement

I wish.

I've actually done all of this work the past 7 months to fix the glaring problem with water seepage in the basement so I can put the house up on the market for sale in Spring.

Let me know if you ever want to get rid of an Energon Bulkhead for half of what it's actually "worth".

Ebay is too pricey for me, I'm hella cheap.

Damn... after all that work on the basement, and now the attic is playing up too? I hope it turns out it's just a minor leak... *fingers crossed*

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