I need Autorooper too!



Oh KISS Player Autorooper. You of the silly badly translated into English name.

I love you!

But do I love you $50+ worth?


I love your cone weapon gimmick.

I love you.


Is that the little one?

Or is this the normal sized one that I heard about (at least I seem to recall hearing that there would be a normal sized version too).

It's a full sized one with a little anime girl figurine, like Convoy and Rodimus before him. I don't know if they're thinking of producing minicon sized versions of Convoy and Rodimus, tho.

Nala: I wasn't even interested until I saw the pylons. But I'm not sure I want to pay $50 for yet another of the Mazda mold either.

I think he's a great toy. I'd say if you love him that much go ahead and pay the 50 now verses the 50+ trying to get him on ebay way down the road.

*kisses the cute lil robot* All of the cars from KISS players look really nice and besides its not like hasbro is doing them.

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