Really. I will finally get that list up!

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Day 78 - Phase VI - The sink and the appliances removed.Ok. I know I've promised to get you all that list of toys I want to sell and get rid of. Believe me... I'm working on it and will hopefully have something to put up here soon.

Yesterday I started on the last wall (image at right) my my basement reconstruction project and as soon as I get all the mortar and concrete redone I'll have some quality time to spend on the thinning out of the Attic of The Damned™.

Unfortunately, I'm now up against the weather... or more specifically the temperature. I have to have the final section of wall completely retuckpointed and parged by end of October and then I'll have about 2 weeks to get the room under the porch scraped, chemically etched, sealed, and waterproofed. I'll probably leave the slab until early spring but that'll be very easy once I get the new sink installed.

See? I actually do have a life! The Attic of The Damned™ truly is just a hobby.

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