New Titaniums!


Titanium Primal PrimeWell it looks like the new wave of 6" Titanium figures may just be shipping very soon if the news sites are to be believed.

And I gotta say I'm pretty excited.

Originally I was pretty apathetic about the line but based on Jetfire and Thundercracker my opinion turned. And then of course the ones unveiled at Botcon got my panties sopping wet!

War Within Megatron and The Fallen (for some reason) totally appeal to me.

G1 Ultra Magnus will become part of the collection but honestly, I've never been a fan of this version of the character at all. Pretty much the same for G1 Scourge too. I just have no love for either character or their original toys.

But Beast Machines Cheetor and Optimal Optimus are screaming to me. Especially Optimal Optimus!

He and Scourge will supposedly be out soon and I just have to have him!

And I have no idea why?!?!?!

His appearance has always been a bit strange, being a mix of vehicle/jet/gorilla/thing and yet I totally love him!

So? Any of you excited about these?


So far I haven't been disappointed, though I found WW Prime hard to keep in a pose and Jetfire kind of floppy. I'll probably be getting most of these, barring the first Megatron. I just wish they'd given Optimal Optimus an interchangable BM Megatron head. He has no gun so that would have made it a super-must-buy. Also I'm glad there's finally going to be a show accurate BM Cheetor. And he might finally be in scale with some of the actual BM figures.

Sometime I want to take a junker Optimal Optimus and a junker TM2 Meg head and do a custom repaint/kitbash of the last episode of Beast Machines.


After the basement is done. After the back bedroom is done. After the paint in the rooms is touched up. After the plumbing in the basement and bathroom is repaired.

Oh. Basically after the house is sold!

even though i have no desire for the ultra magnus, i think it's a step in the right direction. at least it's not a recolor of optimal optimus. oops. i think hasbro might read this...

I'd imagine that this site isn't quite on the radar of Hasbro.

However, it is on the radar of people uncomfortable with the lives of others.

After Megatron and Optimus, I was rather disappointed and didn't plan on buying any more of this line (mostly because they were just too floppy and could barely stand up straight on their own). But, I heard many good things about Thundercracker and Jetfire so I picked up Thundercracker today. I'm a little disappointed about the paint on the figure, there are some really sloppy places, but all in all, I really like him. And most importantly, he stands up on his own.

I don't think I'll be buying everything in this line, but I will definitely be picking up a lot of them.

Thundercracker has so far been my favorite. Easily posable and everything fits together with no difficulty.

Nala: Wow, I'd forgotten about that guy's comment. Since you haven't mentioned any more, hopefully he's moved on to what he'd like to do with someone's Pokemon collection and a colostomy bag.

yeah I ended up geting my T-cracker and at the con... My TRU just got a truck in yesterday that had the Classics Line as well as Scourge and OP OP. My friend is holding them for me till Monday when they are doing this special friends and family sale. He'll get me %30 off.

The Fallen does actually look kind of drool-worthy; others have lamented that his trademark flames are 'painted on'; but I like it. Reminds me of tabletop stuff. ^_^

Not so sure about the Ultra Magnus though... great idea; it's just that his shoulders are far too back. They need some Cyb. Metroplex-esque slide movement. (Not sure how that would work out though, given the level of Titanium joint engineering so far.)

BTW; pretty sure someone on Transtopia already did the Optimal Optimus / Face O'Megatron bash. Looked pretty nice. ^_^

I got opop and scourge today. Totally cool. Better than Jetfire Megs and Prime. Can't wait for the rest of them (only one I am NOT going to get is cheetor, just because I hate the BM representation of him in specifica, and BM in general). Between this line and classics I am finally a happy TF fan (gets rid of all of the horrible memories of the Unicron trilogy).

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