jquiz's flickr photos


Prime in front of my house, originally uploaded by jquiz.

Jquiz's Transformers Flickr set has some really great photography of Binaltechs and Alternators in real world settings.

I love the forced perspective of Masterpeice Convoy here on the street.

Others that are really nice are Binaltech Tracks, Binaltech Smokescreen, and Binaltech Hound.

I so wish I had time to get creative with my photography like this.

Alas, you'll all be stuck with my light box.

Jquiz's stuff is definitely creative.


Wow. Give a Paul Hogan voiceover to the Hound one and you've got a car ad. Impressive.

Yeah. I do like his stuff.

I honestly thought that BT Smokescreen was a real car.

Oh, that's why. I *was* looking at the real car.


The toy photo is awesome though.

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