Collector Reborn


Collector Reborn, another Transformers Blog has recently come online.

He's got a cool idea for "reviews" in the sense of just short videos of the figure and then the transformation.

His recent Classics Starscream video review is up.

I don't have the patience for those kinds of regular video shoots. And do I really need you all commenting "You transformed that wrong!" or "You suck! That piece goes that way!?

I get enough of that with the photography.


Thanks for the plug. Still working on getting a setup with better lighting. Yep I hate listening to my voice, besides I think pictures say more than my annoying voice:)

I played around with the idea of videos but like I said, I don't have the patience, and no real time either, to shoot it and edit it.

Plus I tend to transformer without instructions so I get bashed a bit for it.

Neat. He should do Big Convoy, the video review where he throws down the tow and screams oncinities halfway through.

PS, I pretty much never even open the instruction for my TFs.

Hahah I wish I still had that toy. Sold it a couple years ago.

I don't open my instructions unless I come into a roadblock:)

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