Just some youtube stuff for future reference.


I'm just puttting a bunch of shit I found on YouTube here.

I love the Headmaster Juniors.

The thing is I just don't know why.


I love how completely un-American this Masterforce bit is.


The birth of the Headmaster Juniors. I so want to get the DVD that is subtitled!!! Grrrr...

I so love Goshooter and Minerva. Cab I can take or leave.

I just love how feminine the Minerva transtector looks in the anime.


Convoy's second death.


Ginrai versus King Poseidon.

I love how the Seacons are portrayed in the Japanese series.



Damn it, youtube doesn't work here at work.

"What's wrong, Ginrai?"

"It's this jar of pickles... why... won't it... open?" *grunt*

Random Kid: "Don't give up!"

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