So I ended up on TFSource today...


So based on what Hasbro said at Botcon about Alternators, I've preordered a KISS Player Hod Rod figure.

Even at $58.95 I feel dirty doing it considering the fact that $50 preordered used to typically result in me getting die-cast Binaltech versions of the characters.

But Hasbro said that Alt Rumble and the panther Ravage will be the last Alternators for pretty much the next few years so I'm gambling on that.

I also snagged the World's Smallest Slag and Grimlock figures which I forgot to pick up at Botcon. Same goes for the e-hobby Laser Ultra Magnus figure Giga has been wanting me to get for some time.

The only thing I can say about why I dropped the cash on these was the fact I had leftover toy cash from Botcon.


Did you see the box?

They got awful close to the beaver shot I was so afraid of.

I love beaver shots though!

Japanese takes on Beaver Shots are usually a bit creepy though.

Now that I think about it, why won't Hasbro be releasing a recolor of the Rumble as Frenzy?

After Rollbar it'd be nice to see a straight repaint that makes sense.

They said at Botcon that if they bring the line back in 2008 or so that would probably be one of the first ones they'd do.

No more alts?


so Nala when do you think the "attic of love or the damned" whichever will reach 2000 residents?

James: Not for a very long time if at all. Once I get done with the basement repair project and start on the back bedroom remodel I'll hopefully have time to sort through all the stuff I still want to get rid of. That'll knock a ton of figures out of the total.

And of course, with that said, I've started thing of them in terms of "the 1739th Transformer that I've ever purchased" and so forth since there's no easy way to say "this is # so and so" when I've reduce the amount.

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