Actually, Spectre General would make a great decepticon name.

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So I noticed a blurb on about Stan Bush, who contributed songs to the 80s TF movie, submitting music to the new live-action film.

The article and accompanying letter are rather vague and don't flat out say that Stan Bush has been asked to produce music for the film.

I believe Michael Bay would use something from Stan Bush in this film as much as I believe Vince DiCola has been asked to score the film and Lion has been asked to reprise that tits-awesome opening theme.

If we get non-traditional looking TFs since "this is a whole new thing" then I'm pretty confident that they'll leave the nostalgia for the 80s film behind!

If Bay could work Aerosmith into the closing credits of say Armageddon I don't see a relatively unknown doing it. Paramount/Dreamworks could probably get anybody they want to write a song to inappropriately insert into the credits of the film.

I'm just hoping that they go with a full orchestral score. There's nothing crappier than a "hip modern groovy" soundtrack that immediately dates a film within 5 years.

I'm wondering if Weird Al will allow "White and Nerdy" to be used in the film?

Hell.. Spectre General (Kick Axe) and N.R.G. probably need some showcasing too.

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