What utter crap!


I think I may have just come across the worst single figure ever to bear the Transformers brand name.

And I'm talking worse than Wheelie and worse than Quickswitch.


Yes. 6" Titanium Megatron is indeed total shit!

He's not even worth the time to review.

I'd call it a warning instead.

Stay away.


Yeah he looks like utter crap even in the package. I'm glad I didn't pick him up yet. WW Prime is crap jointswise but Megs looks aweful. At least prime look good. I can't wait for the WW Megatron to come out.

Yeah I picked up the box for Titanium Megs at Wal-mart and he literally fell apart right then and there. First one arm fell down, then the next, then the body fell over... I was like "okay am I on Punk'd or something?"

It was pretty funny though.

He literally fell apart 3 times when I was trying to stand him up to do this shoot.

Hell... you can see the tiny stupid clip in his crotch has even come open again here.

I was hesitant to buy Thundercracker and Jetfire due to how bad Ops and Megs were. At least I mananged to pick up those 2 while Target had their prices wrong so I only paid $10 for the both of them. Even at $5 each, I still feel ripped off.

Last night I put Jetfire on the shelf where Ops and Megs are (they are in vehicle mode by the way since I can't get them to stand up in robot mode) and while setting down Jetfire, I bumped Optimus and his arm fell off. What a piece of junk.

You forgot Fangry, Noctorro, Godbomber (as an individual, not as teh super-armor)and Armada Sideswipe. My opinion on "Beast Changer" has softened considerably now that I have one.

So far, this is the only Titanium I put on the avoid list as soon as I saw the shoulder gun thing.

sure it falls apart but the color scheme is cool and my costume, which is based on this figure, kicks ass

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