Name... that... old... Takara... robot!


10-09-06-robot.jpgReader Mark sent me this photo (image at left) of an old Takara robot and is wondering what it is.

Frankly, I don't think I've ever seen this guy before.

He doesn't look like a combiner but he definitely has a late 70s/early 80s design vibe going on.

Double-click on the image to enlarge it and if any of you with vast non-Transformer plastic toy knowledge have any idea what it is please share the love.

Now's the time that knowledge can help a geek from a land far far away!

Dig deep into the darkest recesses of your sick toy addicted mind and help a buddy out!


That might be Battle Buffalo. . .

Nope, it's Multiforce 14.

Here's the commercial:

In some places I've seen it named as Alphatron!

*brain goes on blink...*


It is indeed the great Multiforce 14. I have one and it is pure awesomeness.

Yup. Multiforce 14. It is a combiner of sorts. A bunch of little vehicles that fit together. I never had the original, but one time they did sell these solid chalky colored versions of thees pieces in those old $.25 capsule machines in teh front of grocery stores. My friends and I woudl buy them all the time and trade the pieces till we got complete sets. I still have my set to this day. lol

Oh... Woozy... you have everything!

Are those forearms really blue or is that just the flash messing with me? I've never seen a version of this toy with blue forearms. As far as I know, all of the toys based on this mold-the Diaclone Gats Blocker, Kronoform Multiforce and Diakron Multiforce 14-all had black forearms.

I only posted the pic so I'm not sure.

Mark... where'd you get this?

The arms are dark blue... Very dark blue!

As for where I got it from, my brain's too fried from my 20's to remember my pre-teens! Suffice to say, I probably got it as a present at one of the National Deaf Children's Society Christmas Parties!



I dont have my 3 pieces of LioKaiser or my Black Zarak. /cry

I am enlightened! Thanks for the scoop on the Convertors version!

On another note, I'm selling my, rather bashed-up, Targetmaster Scourge. (auction) What I cannot understand, is the fact that it's going for so much! Hello?! It's got rusted screws, shitty stickers that desperately need replacing, and there's people clamouring over it! 17 watchers for feck's sake! And £16! With 6 days left!

Hm. Maybe I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth...


Hey. You aren't forcing people to bid on itand you listed it accurately so let it go as itgoes.

thats your auction mark i was just about to bid on your misfire?

Aye, that's my Misfire, ebay name is shinkiller... Baby on way, so making room by selling my old stuff Mum and Dad found in the loft. Most are in dreadful condition, but a few are reasonably good, and have weapons which is a bonus...


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