Alternators Optimus Prime


Alternators Optimus Prime

Ok. So I've never opened the one that Giga found for me a while back.

Hell. I've never actually seen any of these on retail shelves until today and since he's been kinda rare I got one to finally open.

Honestly I'm no fan of the bot mode and since I have Masterpiece Convoy I consider him my "Optimus Prime" for the Binaltech/Alternator line.

So I've decided that this guy will indeed be the Ginrai of my group. Hell, that's what he was originally going to be in Japan before Takara merged with Tomy and birthed the KISS Player abomination so why not.

Plus he'll stay in truck mode as well.

Alternators Optimus Prime is the 1736th Transformer that I've ever purchased.


I remembered you talked about doing a Ginrai so i thought you might like this

Yeah. I saw those a few weeks back.

I've debated about mixing and matching decals.

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