This and that and the more important non-crack life.


Updated some shit about toys tonight while listening to Galaxy 500.

I was in a John Coltrane mood but then, for some unknown reason "Copenhagen" started saying "Nala. Listen to me." and hence it became a Galaxy 500 night instead.

I haven't kept the spreadsheet up to date since early summer and if it wasn't for this stupid website I'd have no idea what kind of crap I purchased.

Split the con crap out and started normalizing and correcting the old TF shit from my other blogs going back to 1999 or so.

I'll import it but it is all pretty pointless really.

But more important things must intrude over the next week so who knows if I'll post anything here.

Day 84 - A whole lotta work done today

Real life = basement repair work.

I'm on Day 84 of the basement wall restoration. If all goes well the main room walls will be done by Halloween!


Jeebery! Day 84?

Your descendents will look back on thsi year; "The year that Nala fought the good fight against the Basement of Non-Love... and won." ^_^

And as of this morning I now have this to deal with.

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