Creating the Axalon diorama!


Did ya get a set of Botcon 2006 pre-Beast mode Maximals?

Want to create your own Axalon playset for whatever reason?

Well, Spectroscott has the recipe!

Botcon - Friday - Jeremy's Axalon diorama with figures

I watched him assemble it in the hotel. It does look good with the figures in it.

(Or you can make one and just use your own Beast Wars figures!)


Pure genius and awesomeness!

Looks like the skiff from Jedi. Or maybe that's just me.

It's not just you. I still think he did a great job.

Well, since I don't know what a skiff from Jedi looks like, I didn't model it off that. :)

Thanks for your compliments guys. It was fun to build and makes a nice display for this figure set.

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