I like my bandwidth like I like my babe breasts! Very very large!


Holy shit!

Dreamhost, where I host this and 8 or so other sites, has just bumped up both my monthly bandwidth and storage.

I currently have 403 GB of storage available and roughly 4500 GB/month of available bandwidth!

You know what that means?

I need to start hosting my own videos and shit instead of using YouTube and such.

I mean, the audience for this shit is people who stop by and not the actual viewers of YouTube and the like.

So. Here's a stupid question:

Would you listen to a weekly podcast? It will include Transformers and Attic of Love shit but it'll also have to include real crap from the major house projects and all.

Would it be worth my effort?

Does anybody even care about that kind of shit?

I mean... I do need reasons to blog and all.

It at least gives me deadlines and such.

Let me know by leaving a comment.

If I get a "yay" I may invest in a real microphone and try to actually produce something. Maybe get some Giga, Evebird, Max Power, and other action in there too.

(If I could figure out how TFWire does their Skype-type podcasts I may be able to include other on this site too as guests and so forth.)

Ahhh. Loserness.


I'd watch. Have to have closed captions though, being Deaf!



I wouldn't have any idea how to do that easily.

But ya know... I'll look into it.

And I just realized Max Power only posts at my main blog. None of you really have no idea the awesomeness that is Max Power.

Not to be confused with Pax Mower who totally sucks.

Instead of a weekly podcast of rants and general odds and ends, maybe you can do something with your Transformers:Splintered idea? That might interest you/motivate you more if you were dead set on doing something on a weekly basis.

I think the site as it stands is pretty solid, especially for those of us that only know of you from this site. For those of us outside your circle of friends, I'm not sure if I'd want to listen to the podcast, especially if you're still going to be posting text entries and pics.

As you've already shown through this blog, too much of something can be bad--I'd rather see the site remain as is (except maybe with more vids) then have the content be degraded because you may be spreading yourself too thin to keep up with a weekly podcast of things you would normally talk about through text posts.

Anyways, just my opinion.

Heck, I'd listen. I keep coming back to this blog because it's free of such insightful commentary as "Batman vs. Grimlock-who kicks more ass?" or "Why Hasbro owes me everything." But anon's right, you do have an awful lot going on most of the time. I mean, it took you weeks to even pull some of the guys you bought out of their packages.

Yeah. Imagine how many weeks it'll be until I ship out your loose set! :-)

Actually, I hope to have it in the mail by tomorrow or Saturday.

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