Cybertron Cryo Scourge


Cybertron Cryo Scourge

I don't know why I bought it. I really had no intentions of getting this or Galaxy Force Prime.

Just chalk it up to lameness.

Cybertron Cryo Scourge is the 1739th Transformer that I've ever purchased.


If you don't want him, I'll have him!


Hahahah, and after you said you wouldn't get him too. ^_^ He is the delicious though, love the colour scheme.

Hopefully yours came sans defects?

Defects? do tell

I haven't opened him yet. I doubt I'll be opening anything soon.

The Attic of Love is currently in danger of more water damage. It looks like the hail storm from the other week may have damaged the roof.

I think I may bin up some stuff.

Its is really sweet recolor though.

The defect he refers to comes from the electronics within. Apparently they didnt make the wire that runs the length of him long enough so that the first time you transform him and pull his head down the wire may snap and BAM no more electronics.

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