Does the Care Bears convention have such whiney asses?


So Evebird mentioned that MightLegs posted something over at Allspark from a GI Joe message board regarding Brian Savage basically telling Joe fandom that their con isn't finalized and it infers that it probably won't happen during the summer now.

Man oh man those people are as whiney-ass bitchy as Transformers fandom.

In fact, if you look at a typical TF board and you look at that Joe board they practically look exactly the same!!!

The same general topics and the same amount of people all wasting the same fucking amount of time about goddamn toys!

Except now, since the TF con has been moved to the summer to coincide with the movie, the Joe geeks are whining about their con getting short shrift.

This of course is no different 18 months or so ago when FP took over Botcon and TF geeks were whining about Botcon moving to autumn because FP focused on the Joe con in summer.

Bitch. Whine. Moan. Bitch. Whine. Moan. Bitch. Whine. Ok. That's ok. Moan. Bitch. Whine. Moan.

I swear... it is bad enough to be an adult and collect childrens toys but to be an adult and have this goddamn victim mentality some of these fans have really is sick.

I love how both TF and Joe groups feel as if Hasbro "owes them something". It is insane.

Hasbro owes adult collectors absolutely NOTHING!

Hasbro does not make the toys for adult collectors!

Fun Publications does not run a con and club out of the kindness of their hearts!

Hasbro makes the toys to sell them and make a profit!

Fun Publications organizes and runs the cons and assorted toys to make a profit!

You will still buy whatever frigg'n toys they sell regardless of if you bitch or moan about it!

Your dollars at the retail stores you shop are a tiny fragment of what is sold nationwide and even globally. Our so-called "fan"doms are a tiny fraction of people who buy the plastic crack they sell.

We are owed nothing! Nothing at all!

We should all feel lucky that Hasbro even wastes their time sending their staff to do panels at these cons to begin with. It doesn't matter if it is TF staff or Joe staff.

You can't seriously tell me that the 5000 or so collective TF and Joe adult fans that go to these cons, buy the toys, and troll message boards even truly ever come into the business decision-making at Hasbro.

If I was responsible for these toy divisions I sure as hell wouldn't let it.

Ya know... I'm thankful that moments of fandom insanity like this come up and slap me in the face. It helps me to remember that these things are stupid children's toys. Fans can kid themselves and delude themselves with illusions if they want but these are toys. That's it.

They are not investments. They will not get you laid. They will not pay your mortgage. They are not anything other than something to waste your hard earned adult cash on, play around with, put on a shelf, break, and say "that's kind of cool".


I wonder if My Little Pony and Care Bears fandoms are this fucking annoying!

Fandoms, regardless of Transformers, Joes, Star Wars, Star Trek, or whatever, are the worst things for the brands they are fans of! It is that simple!






yes... I thought the comment was funny enough to accidentally hit the "post" button twice

-_- orz

Now we have an answer to the age old question "Who kvetches about the kvetchers." And the Care Bear fans are too busy in a debate as to whether or not the fans of the non-bear Care Bear characters really belong in the fandom. They remember when it was "all about the bears. Not this stupid monkey-rabbit-lion shit."

Seriously, tho, some people take the fandom waaaay too seriously, like it's their life or something. I'm kinda miffed about some of Hasbro's policies, (because it means I get new stuff a month later than anyone else) but there are more important things to waste your time and energy being mad about. (Like, maybe that whole "suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus" thing.) And people who think Hasbro owes them something should probably try to get a grasp of basic economics. Do they think Takara owes them something too, despite the fact that Takara is primarily concerned with the Japanese market? I mean, lots of them have purchased Takara Transformers too. . .

I think Joe fans already have a chip on their shoulder, in that the 2 toy scales the Club supports... 12" and 3 3/4"... aren't even availible at retail anymore. Collectors of both scales feel Hasbro has given them the shitty-end of the stick. But I can't tell you the amount of times, when 3 3/4 was still on the shelves, that when postings of new items were posted on the Joe boards, the response was 'Great... I'll buy it when it goes on clearence.'
No wonder Hasbro stoppped making the things.

Constant fandom whining is just what gets me. I love when I can get slapped in the face as a warning that such behavior is no longer acceptable in my geek lifestyle.

They are just toys!

Then again, here I an complaining about fandom whining.

I should just give myself a dose of shut the fuck up.

I've really, on the whole, been far more positive thinking the past 2 years or so and I being a TF collector seems to make me go insane sometimes due to the insanity of geekdom.

plastic crack will do that to you.

in regards to mightymegs joe clearance comment, i would just wait to see how many recolors there were going to be and then get the best one. this could also apply to transformers, but the gotta get it now is stronger.

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