Cybertron Optimus Prime (Deluxe v2)


Cybertron Optimus Prime (Deluxe Version 2)

I found him on sale. I never really wanted him but on sale or clearance I'll probably pick up the the Megatron too.

Unfortunately, I just can't find Megs anywhere anymore.

Cybertron Optimus Prime (v2) is the 1744th Transformer that I've ever gotten.


I was on a toy hunt saturday and they had a few Megs at the Gaylord wally world if you want i can snag one for you if any are left

Ya know... I saw him this weekend, and just passed. I have the Primal ape that was part of the TRU 2 pack. That's enough hot monkey love for this guy.

mmm came with a key? I might be setting myself up here but um where do you stick it?

Gross. I was fine with the BW10th version, but this seems unnecessary. At least the BW 10th came with the mini-Axalon.

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