A 17-changer? Oy koledy!


Doug from Geek Acres made me aware of something about Cybertron Scrapmetal that I never knew before.

I have a red one and a yellow one but I never really putzed around transforming them.

Who knew it was a 17-changer?!?!? (From this Allspark thread.)

I mean, some of those modes are better than any of G1 Sixshot or G1 Quickswitches modes.


now i want one. thanks.

I paritcularly love the "Chubby Dog" mode and the "Sloth" mode. lol

OMG I just had a kick ass idea!

Got about 17 more of these things... then set my Red, Blue, Yellow, Coby, Rumble, and Inferno versions of these up in front and then create a little mini army of the things in these various forms in the back. hmmm... Im thinking clearance isle at wal-marts pretty soon... lol

Even luckier if they end up doing those 2 for 1 packs and somehow you get two scrapmentals per set.

That's how I army-built for Energon terrorcons.

yeah, you and Mightmegs got me on this kick now to form a little army of these things with the exclusive recolors in front kind of leading and a small army in the back... Ive picked a bunch of divebombs, insecticons, battle ravages, and Doom-locks. lol

Wow, that's amazing. And just think: you can't even get *two* good modes out of Megalo Convoy.

Ok I officially want one now.... man I can't beleive I thought I was a sucky toy.

Evebird: Not true. Megalo has three awesome modes:

1. Robot.
2. Robot, only with legs the right way around now.
3. Some sort of mobile bungalow. ;)

After fiddling with mine I got a pretty passable Mech Warrior mode, too. I'm also amazed how many times I passed this over as, "whatever".

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