And so it is over...


So there we are watching the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron that the Tivo snagged and at about 14 minutes in the goddamn Tivo seems to have recording at 2x speed and dropped the audio.

Absolutely no idea what happened but the only episode I really actually ever wanted to watch and it was ruined by evil technology!



Let's face facts here. Hasbro really really really was grasping at straws when they wanted to make Cybertron a "3rd part" connecting it to the Armada-Energon duo. There's just no connection and yet they want kids to think there is for some reason.

I don't understand Hasbro sometimes. Honestly, I think they have people with MBA's making decisions based off of "market research" or some other nonsense when honest to goodness common sense is more than adequate to base some decisions on.

Kids, the primary audience, don't give a shit if Cybertron is part of a trilogy or not.

I digress.

Ok. So thankfully the Tivo didn't mess up at the point where the most awesomest thing in the fucking world happens...


The streetlight minicon that appeared in the very earliest episodes transforms to bot mode!!!

And not just jump into his bot mode he gets a full-on overdone transformation sequence with logo!!!

It is the only moment in 52 episodes that I truly and utterly said "THIS IS A TOY IS FUCKING WANT!!!" and I think I actually yelled it out at the screen.

Some adult I am.


And the traffic light even has some insane over-the-top dialogue too!

It was a beautiful loser geek moment.

And then... the Tivo messed up.

I briefly saw, through using slow motion, the desperate Kicker scene and "Armada" kids scene to try and tie this story into Energon and Armada.

And that got me thinking.

If Hasbro (or whatever powers that be) had them animate that little bit why not animate an entire frigg'n extra episode (or even scenese) that fleshed out the supposed trilogy??!?!

Yes. Animation costs money.

But damn, anime has enough "cheaper" ways of presenting content and it would have validated the thin attempt to connect the series better.

I guess I'm just a pussy for wanting the fiction to have some actual quality effort put into it above and being "lip flap synching" by the American translator/writers.

Oh well.

Maybe this new series will offer a little of that Beast Wars goodness.


That’s what I’m hoping for bro. I just re-watched a few episodes of Beast Wars and it is so superior to the anime crap. Granted I did not think Cybertron was that bad when compared to the last two but we really got spoiled with Beast Wars.

What has always made each TF incarnation good in my opinion is the mythology. The characters personalities, beliefs and relationships make them more than just toys. The Mythos of Transformers is epic with its characterization, think of all those unused tech specs, there is so much more story to each TF then can be shown. That is why the new movie will fail and a perfect cartoon will never happen, there is never enough development for anyone outside of a useless human cast.

In Cybertron, did Signal Lancer (japanese name) have the "classic" transformation noise as well? What did he say that was so over the top?

In Galaxy Force, the only thing he really says is "I'm going too" and "Adios."

I'm not gonna rant and get into meaningless banter as to which is better...just curious because Signal Lancer is the bomb!

I too would love to see a toy made of this bot. Maybe a kitbashed mudflap?

Signal Lancer? I think I knew that.

What a frigg'n great name!

I don't recall the sound effect used. I'll need to go back and rewatch. At least it occured right before TIVO started messing up.

During the transformation sequence he's basically announcing to the "phone" that he's going out to conquer the stars and so forth. It was silly but I just felt it was insanely appropriate for this little stationary moded minicon to set his sights so high!

After 52 episodes I'm sad to say that was the highlight of the series for me.

Mudflap could work but I just can't believe that Takara didn't make one of thse as a one of their old JUSCO giveaways and so forth. I would buy an army of minicon sized guys!

Since they merged with TOMY they just haven't done anything except merging small-thong pantied school girl kisses and robots.

And thats... um... hmmm... very Japanese.

It wouldn't be that hard to make a Signal Lancer figure, being the animation was based almost entirely on Mudflap. The only trick would be making a spear that could hold him up in alt mode. But yeah, I would so get one.

Kids care that it's part of a trilogy? Hell my kid doesn't know any names other than "Optimus Prime" and "Unicron".

I don't think he even knows there are different series out there.

Then again, he doesn't watch Transformers.

But he does watch YuGiOh, which has different serieseses I think. And the same sort of principle applies.

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