What a pain in the ass!



Balls I tell you!

I was putzing around the Attic and decided to actually inventory my Car Robots Spychanger insanity.

For the most part, the ones I got at Botcon are pretty much duplicates.



I still need the following:

Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (clear version)
Super Spychanger Ox (clear version)
Super Spychanger X-Car (clear version)
Artfire (Jusco Exclusive)
Counter Arrow (Jusco Exclusive)
Ox (Jusco Exclusive)
W.A.R.S (Jusco Exclusive)
X-Car (Jusco Exclusive)


Stupid pieces of plastic.

I hate you!


now you know why I was so irritated with myself for not inventorying my Beast Wars figs before going to Botcon... Tons for sale there at cheap prices and I had no clue what I did and didnt have. I ended up buying about 20 still in box from that long hairded guy that kept creaming out specials for like $50. Got home and I had about 5 of them >

Yeah. And I dropped like $5 on each of these duplicates!


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