Someday, I'll get around to my customizing.


I was emailing with Will this morning and he turned me on to Transtopia. I'm pretty sure I've been there in the past but since I never went ahead with adding kitbashing/customizing to my list of loser geekness I never visited it regularly.

Oy koledy! Such amazing geekness!!!

Alternator Star Saber (derived from an Alternator Optimus Prime) and Alternator Victory Leo (derived from a Prowl) are amazing. The custom packaging rocks!

Like he says, "Scourge without a Sword of Fury is like a woman without sex appeal" and this custom RID Scourge from Fire Convoy is great.

I'll waste too many hours on this site.

Must focus on my basement work.


Did you catch the re-articulated Bruticus? I'd buy that in an instant! (Not to mention the Alternator Menasor created by TFMaster himself... daaaaaaamn...)

Forget MP Optimus and Magnus and Starscream; I want a Masterpiece Combaticon set already. ^_^

Yeah. I liked the Defensor too. I'm a sucker for the Protectobots for some reason. I think it is probably because of Blades... and emergency helicopter that also happens to have fighting blood lust!

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