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I came across a Frank Welker interview over at Allspark that I never noticed.

There's even a "Megatron message" sound byte there.

Welker's Megatron has "shifted" a bit. I mean. The old 80s Megs is there but 20+ years, as with all voice actors, does make it a bit different.

I love Welker and am always pissed that he rarely gets the recognition for everything he's done.

Unfortunately, I just don't think that voice works for that Megatron-creature from the future film.

Perhaps they need to get Welker and have him come up with a new voice for the character. Something that isn't 80s Megatron but fits that anime-weedish Megs creature.

Now I'm going to go a bit geek fan boy here and say that I'd love to have Welker and David Kaye do a short "meeting of the Megatrons" someday. That would be really kind of cool. It'll probably never happen but with the write short script it could be fantastic!

We all know Beast Megatron, would be in awe of the original Megatron for all of 5 minutes and then would completely blow him off.


Dude, what the hell was that! Megatron has aged tremendously; he sounds like a tired old coot!

Was his voice put through heavy synthesizing back in the 80s?

Well... Welker is 22 years older.

Megs was one of his raspier voices anyway and it isn't like he's done it recently.

His normal voice, which is pretty much his "Freddie Jones" from Scooby-Doo hasn't changed much at all.

I think he needs an injection of HGH or testosterone or something. All I can picture is megatron using a walker with a broken hip. :(

"Puny flesh creatures, get off my lawn!" - Megatron

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