Giga was obviously taking photos in my light box!


optimus prime - classics edition
Originally uploaded by gigamatt.
I was looking at his Flickr galleries earlier today and lo and behold Giger had been taking photos in my light box up in the Attic of Love and did a really good shot of Classics Optimus Prime.

In fact, dare I say it, this is one of the better photos he's taken recently.

Maybe it is because I myself take a lot of robotic crack pics and he's more apt to do his JL stuff while he learns his camera and the appropriate light setup to use.

It definitely takes a while to find the happy medium for settings. Baby Jesus knows the hundreds of images (way too much data) that I've kept around that are total shit because of figuring out my Canon Powershot A620 and the various issues with the fabrics I as backgrounds.

I would love to see what I could do a couple of days after buying a digital SLR.


I really ought to invest in something like that.

It was one of my better investments this past year.

I love my DSLR. Grant it I got a cheap one because I'm still learning, but the Nikon D50 is great. With a marco lenses it's even better. I just need to learn more about lighting.

Greetings Larkin.

The Nikon D60 and the Canon Rebels seem to be pretty popular.

I feel as if I'm having to relearn everthing I knew about lighting from film school for the digital world.

It is more or less the same but sometimes I'm still shocked at the bad results I get.

Yeah lighting is a pain... I didn't opt for the D70 since I'm an amature... hopefully as I get better I can get a better camera. I just got classics Megatron in and did a little photoshoot with him using my macro lense. The key to poor lighting for me is a very good flash.. and editing afterwards:)

By the way I'm loving the zooming features of the google picasa photohosting.. looks like in time I'm going to eat up my 250 mb.

I'm hoping to get a nice dSLR camera pretty soon. I'm looking at the Sony Alpha. Mostly because it's compatible with with the lenses my Minolta Film camera uses.

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