Scary internet bad craziness.


For the most part I'm a message board lurker.

I pop up every now and then to read news and see what's going on around con time but for the most part I lurk and find immense anthropological observation enjoyment in watching benign conversations/threads get all balls crazy and shit.

Today I read a post...

Does anyone know who runs this blog? Plastic Crack?

Are they a member here?

Um. Ok. Scary.

As scary as Crazy Steve running up to me at Botcon and recognizing me from my real blog content.

Scary internet bad craziness.

So. If you've recently found this pointless blog.



I blame the fact that every year or so I completely obliterate my website and start over new to be the primary reason I havn't made my mark on the internet in the past 10 years I've been using it.

I never realized until after the fact how creepy our meeting was. I felt like such a stalker when I began rattling off all the things I knew about your life just from reading your blog. I almost felt dirty for paying so much attention to the life of someone I really didn't know. AWKWARD!

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