Can you make him any whiter???


Classics Ultra Magnus

So. I'm sure most of you know that Hasbo, as they are prone to do since the Armada and TF Universe era, typically have repainted smaller versions of Optimus Prime as "Ultra Magnus", going with a predominantly white base and bits of color here and there.

Takara even redid the Masterpiece Convoy as Master Piece Ultra Magnus to get the most dollars out of loser geek collectors.

Hasbro will repainting the fairly awesome Classics Prime mold as Ulgra Magnus (above image) and quite frankly I think it looks really good. I'm really partial to the heavy white with minor colored trim. I'm even fine with the legs being predominantly blue.

I'm curious as to opinions on this from you all repainting Ultra Magnus from basic Primes?

Does it 1) suck balls or 2) not suck balls?


It think it's on a case by case basis - if they want to repaint every Optimus Prime as Nemesis / Scourge-y Prime and Ultra Magnus, then that's cool - it's like the Seekers - they are traditional repaints but the colourschemes are look good and they are nice and distinct.

And if it means they can scrape a bit more profit from their investment then that's cool too; because I'd rather buy a repaint with character history than take a generic "upgrade" colourscheme any day. (Armada, Energon, I'm looking at you.)

Buuuuut... I still think they need to be looking at releasing a 'proper' Ultra Magnus already, respleate with armour. Or better yet, release an Optimus, repaint him as Magnus, and THEN give him the additional trailer armour - 'twould blow the fans minds. ^_^

Not suck but some sort of armor would be cool

I wish I had some sculpture knowledge. I'd be perfectly happy scuplting some armor (a la G1 Jetfire) that would clip onto some of these guys.

But he's pretty cool to me as-is.

It indeed does not suck balls. I do appreciate that the repaints such as this are done on the smaller price scale. I rarely buy the over $20 figures anyway, so repaints of them are annoying to me.

yeah.. dont you just love the GALAXY FORCE OPTIMUS PRIME recolor? yeah.. lets take all teh blue parts and make them BLACK!


personally I agree with Spec. I like when they recolor the smaller primes Nemesis Magnus style.

I think it's lame but I like this Ultra Magnus. Also there is a "different mold Optimus Prime" available that I can use to help offset the repaintyness of the whole situation.

As cool as classics Prime is, I belive the UM repaint to be even cooler. Consider that no five-star UM figures exist, then look at the new Voyager UM again, and this is a big deal. The titanium UM is nice, but has a turkey neck.

Considering he's 2 packed with Skywarp for the same price as Classics Prime, I'm going with not-suck-balls.

Nala: Back to to learn then. ^_^ Or dude's got the extra-armour thing down perfect. ^_^

n10zguy: Hey, some of us like the GF Optimus! ^_^ Actually, it *is* a bit redundent as a repaint; but as a colourscheme, I would totally be behind them using it instead of the familiar red-and-blue every now and then. It looks pretty classy in person. ^_^

JOP: Thanks for posting the link. Pretty great site. That MP Magnus custom is amazing.

And yeah, I actually like the GF Optimus paint scheme better too.

JOP: Thanks for posting the link. Pretty great site. That MP Magnus custom is amazing.

And yeah, I actually like the GF Optimus paint scheme better too.

*tips hat*

I vote not suck balls, because, in the Dreamwave comics, Ultra Magnus is a twin brother to Optimus Prime, and Nemesis Prime is an evil clone, so the repaints make perfectly logical sense to me. That is my two cents

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