Botcon 2006 G-Rated Videos


So I took a lot of lame ass video at Botcon a couple of days back and I've tried to edit it into something that would be remotely coherent.

Suffice to say, there's no real "story" here.

Part I:

Part II:

I think the only guy we ended up really vocally (amongst ourselves) picking on was Melon-Eating Boy.

And anyway, Melon-Eating Boy, if you see this... what's up with the bad craziness man? Seriously.

UPDATE: Ack!!! I linked some titles in Part II and one referring to getting somebody laid accidentally switched with one about Greg's minicon collection. Do I rerender or just leave it?

Hmmm... I'm leaving it for now!


The video says loading but won't work.

Works perfectly fine for me with Flash 9 in Mozilla on Win XP.


As god is your witness?

Alright, they worked this time. I think that the title about getting someone laid probably referred to me. I forgot that you had said that in the wrap up.

Oh, and you didn't get any of me drunk, at least not in the "G" rated ones. :)

There's quite a lot I decided not to put in based on "taste".

However, I don't think I actually have much of you intoxicated.

As god is my witness? Who's that? The guy who kept taking the melon slices?

Wow... the videos came out great. I still look like an ugly geek but hey... at least I look like an ugly geek with cute friends ^^

I noticed you tend to like to take your glasses off in photos but really, they do look good on you.

okay I want to see the R rated videos now.

Actually, it there's nothing much R-rated as just often not easy to make sense of out of context.

I haven't had time to link up all that yet.

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