Beast Machines Primal Prime


Beast Machines Primal Prime

I don't know why but this repaint of Optimal Optimus really seems to be expensive. I managed to find this one for $65 two booths down from someone with a $100 one.

This is the 1707th Transformer I've ever purchased.


Man, I remember getting one of those for about... $10 when shut down back in '01 or whenever. Also got the giant Cheetor for $5. I think I sold my Primal Prime for $100 before BC '03 or '04 to get some walkin' 'round money.


Any idea why it costs so much?

It isn't exactly really attractive or anything.

I think it's kind of hard to come by (it was a KB exclusive, IIRC, which meant it was sort of rare and definitely overpriced), plus he played a big role in the 3H-era Wreckers comics, which made him very desirable to fans of that stuff (The main reason I sold him is because I realized I would *never* have a complete set of BC Wreckers).

-hx, always thought he was pretty nice looking, personally. Especially the chromed bits.

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