The Transformers Cel Arkive

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Many of you probably don't know that Evebird, frequent plasticcrack visitor and personal friend of Nala, actually has a very special collection of Transformers-related items that are not toys.

And no. I'm not talking about crappy paraphenalia either.

Mr. Evebird collects rare one-of-a-kind Transformers animation cels.

Deleted Scene Cel from Transformers The Movie

You want to see some great stuff, especially cels from scenes that were deleted from the movie, stop by Evebird's The Transformers Cel Arkive.

You'll see more of cels, like the one above of Galvatron, that don't actually appear onscreen in the finished film.

All kinds of celluloid crack for your viewing enjoyment!

Well that or what have you.

Evebird even gave me a movie Laserbeak cel and original drawing as a gift 2 years ago.

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